Betty - Elizabeth Danielyan was born on March 7, 2003. She has been attending the State Choreographic School since the age of 4 and simultaneously attended college. She attended School N.8 named after A.Pushkin. She was admitted to the State Song Theatre when she was 6 years old. Elizabeth attended professional singing classes. Simultaneously, Elizabeth attended the National Aesthetical Center. She studied embroidery, origami and drawing and pottery. Elizabeth is fluent in four languages, English, Spanish, Russian and Armenian. Currently she is studying Chinese.

Betty is an author of many songs and poems; she has also been attending ballet, vocal classes, guitar lessons, and now leans percussion instruments. When she was 7 she recorded the duet “Dance Mix”. Her first individual video clip was shot on the base of song “The importance is being lightful”.

Since 2012 and for many years Betty has been working for the leading TV Companies of Armenia, as well as on Armenian Public TV as a host. She hosted programs of different format, including “The Magnificent Seven with Elizabeth”, “Home Alone”.

However Betty has already had experience in hosting from TV broadcasting since her early age for she had often many appearances in “Hayrenik” TV channel broadcasting within the framework of program “Rules of Politeness”. Recently Elizabeth Danielyan has received an offer from the most famous Armenian music channel: 21TV with a purpose to host the TV project “Betty Show”.
The 2012 was one of the most full filled years of Betty of having many TV shows and concerts. Betty had a participation in “New Wave Junior” international contest. Elizabeth won many prizes in different contests, including “Kangaroo” mathematical contest. In summer of 2012 Betty took part in Junior Sports Olympiad which took place in Turkey, and brought with her to Armenia 4 golden medals (winning her competitors in mini golf, dart and jenga).

In 2013 Elizabeth Danielyan was named as “The Best Armenian Junior TV host” from Armenian Public Radio and TV.

 In 2014 Betty submitted an application for participation in “New Wave” annual international song contest and qualified for semifinal (Moscow).

In 2014 Betty submitted an application for participation in Armenian pre-election stage of Junior Eurovision, and out of 87 nominees she was acknowledged as winner with the song of “People of the Sun”. Due to that achievement, Betty represented Armenia in Junior Eurovision Song Contest and won the 3rd place. Besides, Betty conceded only one point to participant who won the 2nd place. It’s remarkable to mention that until now Betty is the participant of the international contest who has received the highest quantity of 12 points. 

In 2014 Betty was awarded a special prize for the Best Representation of Armenia in Eurovision at Annual National Junior Music Award.

In 2015 Betty got an invitation to work for Public Television of Armenia as a TV Host and hosted the program called “The planet of Whys”.

 On June 7, 2016 presentation of video clip for the same-name song of junior cover project “New Generation” of Betty (Elizabeth Danielyan) took place. The project “New Generation” was created as a result of synthesis of Elizabeth Danielyan’s hosting experience and artistic skills inan entirely new format in Armenian show-business, the concept of which with Betty’s attendance will become a base for TV projects and concert shows, through which Betty passed from childhood to adolescence. The aim of the project “New Generation” is to gather, unite new generation, make them believe in own power and abilities and move forward.

In 2017 Betty moved to the United States of America. In September, the US Government recognized Betty as an ''extraordinary'' person. Such a status is given to a limited number of people with extraordinary abilities, for brilliant activities and taking into consideration the achievements of the person. 

In 2017, Betty completed the Showcase & Acting Career program in the United States and received offers for cooperation from the American agencies. In 2018 the artist signed a contract with one of the most prestigious American agencies that will carry Betty's promotion in the American media industry.

In 2018 the US Congress has granted a Green card to Betty mainly for her activities and achievements.

In 2019 prestigious HBO television network owned by AT&T's WarnerMedia, featured Betty in its Euphoria project.